Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slipping away

Well, I am slowly slipping away from 39designs.  Dont let the door hit you in the butt.  Through these past few years I have learned a lot.  As they say, we learn through our mistakes.  I try to stay positive and wont let a few taint my feelings on people.  Some people are just scum bags.  Some people will steal your soul if you let them.  

Though I am still affiliated with them, not by choice, I have to play nice, at least for another year.     I know they are reading here, but I don't give a SHIT.   You won this round, but trust me, it isn't over yet.

So there is my vent.  They go screw themselves for all I care. 

I've been working on these cool covers that attache to your iPad with magnets to protect your screen and features a wake/sleep magnet that turns your iPad on when it opens and off when it closes. The multifunctional design of the cover allows you to fold it into a triangular stand to support the iPad in various viewing angles.

I love creating them.

graffiti urban decay iPad cover
graffiti urban decay iPad cover by urban_decay
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