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 I love pizza. I have a warped sense of humor.  I laugh at people.  My politics are liberal, but I think deep down I’m pretty conservative I love playing sports. I went to Disney world.  I have a college degree. I’m still not that bright. My dog is so cool.   I like being home.  People think I’m outgoing, but I’m really quite shy.  I love my family. I am  honestwell, most of the time. I like the smell of skunks.  Not a fan of starbucksI am a patriots and red sox fan.I don’t like mean people.Skater. I’m friendly.I could never shoot a deer. I can’t figure out girls.  But I like them. Those weird religious people scare me. I have manners. My brother has autism, and he's the best. I kissed a boy.It really wasn’t that bad.  I can be so OCD. At 11 I was chased by a man in the woods.  I got away.  The police came, he didn't. I find some people so oddFall is my favorite season.  I think old people are cool. Never been in a car accident. At 13 our priest wanted to talk to me, I said no. Jim wasn't as lucky, he said yes. I like people.  well sometimes. I hate flying. I believe in gay marriage, don't get the big deal. Born in my mothers heart. I like to be clean. I’m single, yet again.  I am an artist.  I don’t floss every day.My Philosophy is live and let liveIt’s not always easy though.   I believe everyone has a secret. Secrets kill people. I don’t judge people. Well, I try not to.  Glass  houses. I open public bathroom doors without touching them. That OCD thing.  I am my own work in progress. 

To contact me:  applecases0@gmail.com

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