Friday, March 9, 2012

morals shormals

Time for another ‘is it me?’

Is it me? What in the world ever happened to separation of state and church?

Has everyone gone mad?

It seems all these republican candidates are focusing on who has stronger religious beliefs, and who ever does, should be the republican nominee.

 Let’s look at it. Currently, people are unemployed, there are no jobs, families are losing their homes, there forced to give up their pets because they can’t feed them and go ol' Rick is focusing on that married couples should stop having sex if they can’t afford any children. We all know Rick’s belief that birth control should be illegal and that if anyone is found with this substance on their person be given 20 yrs. to life.

But it’s just not Rick. Dear Mitt feels that if women get pregnant by accident, they should not be allowed to get abortions. I mean when you think about it, at some point in our lives we had to deal with natural consequences.

I remember when I was 12, my mom yelling across the room, “fine, don’t do your homework, you will fail your science class and you will never graduate high school and you will end up living in a cardboard box on Main st with the bums, and you will probably get shot.”

Hey mom, Breaking News, I did not do my science homework that night and I actually got a B in that class, oh, and thanks for helping me with college, I graduated college with honors. NO cardboard box for me.

Even though I still can’t spell, but that had nothing to do with not doing my science homework.

 Don't tell mom, but I really never believed those things she said to me.

However, the truth is, if a 15 yr. old girl gets pregnant and her mom says pretty much the same thing to her, it could actually happen. She may have to quit school. She cant go to work because she cant afford day care, and she cant afford day care, because she isn't working, and on and on and on.

She will be forced to go on welfare and food stamps and this will be great for our country.

 But as Mitt pointed out, she must pay with her life if she finds herself pregnant.

 I personally think that ‘punishment’ is way too strong, because she had a weak moment.

Speaking of weak moments, come on, don't we all. Look at the dieter passing the M&M jar and just had to have one, then went back and got a hand full. Or the person quitting smoking, that actually takes a half of cigarette out of a disgusting ashtray for a few puffs, or the parent who is so stressed out that she snaps at her kid because the kid is running all over the house playing drums with the pots and pans.

Yep, we all have weak moments. But we don't have to pay for them for the rest of our lives.

Then there is Newt, married three times, and I dont find anything wrong with that myself, but then he goes on and he actually wants us to believe he has these strong religious values because now, he is committed to his faith, which just so happens to condemn adultery and forbids remarriage after divorce. Is it me?

 Now let’s look into the life of President Barack, who can’t even speak without ending with “God bless America.” We all know he goes to church all the time. We see it on TV. We know he loves his wife, no question there, you can see it when he looks at her, and I'm pretty sure he never had an affair. I think if he did, we would of heard it by now. He says his prayers before every meal as that is important to him.

But wait, the republican candidates are out saying things like he is really not a christian. Well, a christian like them anyway. Is it me?

Oh, newsflash, not everyone is even a Christian, there are many different faiths in our country. Plus we have our agnostics and atheists. I wonder how an atheist would do running for president of the United States. hmmmmmmm let me ponder that thought, Nah ain't gonna happen.

So as I watch these debates between the republican candidates, they are so desperate to show how conservative they are by proving how religious they are.

 Lets not look at what is plaguing our country because as long as you live by Gods will, then everything else will go away.

 It’s much easier to get the conservatives on your side when yelling that birth control (used by the vast majority of American women I might add) promotes irresponsible behavior. Plus, as they constantly point out, if your not as religious as they are, you're going to hell. Which I thought was rather interesting since Rick and Newt didn’t even have ashes on their foreheads during Ash Wednesday’s debate.

These guys are not stupid though, they know it’s much easier to gain support from the elders of tapping into their God –Fearing rhetoric.

They feel that when Americans are stressed, they seek leaders who they can relate too. If this candidate goes to church he must think like me so I should trust him. Let’s face it; if he goes to church then he has morals and family values just like me.

But you know what Rick, Newt, and Mitt, Americans are not a stupid bunch, in spite of what you believe. I have this odd feeling that Americans, when push come to shove, will actually try to elect a president who is competent, intelligent, experienced, personable, and knowledgeable about what is going on this world and who is committed for the good of our nation.

And whatever their religion is, I really don’t think it will matter in the end.

 but then again, it could be just me?

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  1. Nope, it's not just you! Very good commentary! I've enjoyed reading your blog posts.